Digital Media

Digital Media

Download Digital Media, Newspapers and Magazines to your Mobile Device

Our new Digital Media System is innovative and fully customisable, offering a great range of good quality and well known titles, including the top magazines and newspapers from the UK as well as newspapers from around the world.

We pride ourselves on the fantastic publications we’re able to offer along with the marketing opportunities and sleek design of the system, which sets us apart from other providers.

Venues can now add high quality images to the site, and the addition of “Promotional Pods” allows venues to advertises offers, events and services to their guests and visitors. Guests are able to filter the wide selection of titles by language as well as by genre, and can search within a publication for articles on a particular topic, person or interest.

Publications can be accessed with a mere click of a button, and appear on guests’ devices exactly as they look in print, with high definition images and impressive double page spreads.

The Magazines and Newspapers can then be easily downloaded to the guest’s device, for reading outside of the venue. We can provide detailed information to publishers, letting them know exactly how many times their title has been viewed as well as downloaded, how many pages a user has viewed, and whether they have interacted with a page (e.g. zoomed in and out).