Product Sampling

Our Product Sampling team will create a bespoke campaign plan specific to your target audience and marketing objectives.

Gold Key Media have recently added product sampling to our targeted audience capture services. This provides strategic solutions for brand owners to get their products in to the hands of office workers across the UK.

Gold Key Media’s corporate office distribution programme has reached a significant milestone – it now accesses in excess of 400,000 people per day via the bespoke racks located in prestigious offices across London, Manchester and Birmingham. This allows consumer brands to sample their products to mass targeted audiences very quickly and effectively.

Effective Product Sampling Strategies

So far we’ve worked with cosmetic brands and confectioners but the opportunity for growth and variety is endless, especially key for new product launches or to tie in with on-page advertising campaigns. The sampling is passive, allowing individuals to choose the goods or publications they wish to sample, thus removing waste and the need to employ expensive sampling staff. This method of product sampling is a significant step forward for many brands looking for a more targeted and effective sampling environment, complementing a wider ranging strategic out of home brand activity.

Our bespoke racks are located in the reception areas of the headquarters of some of the world’s most iconic brands. In London we are located in Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Arcadia, Mediacom, Sony, British Airways, and Adidas. In Manchester we have locations such as, ITV, BBC, Granada, CBRE, KPMG. Our scale is huge and we are able to access targeted audiences across multiple industry sectors.
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The benefits of Product Sampling in Corporate Offices

  • Increase advertising yield from your brands, with strategic out of home & off page activity
  • Direct access to a highly sought after audience, often immune to sampling at tube and train stations & not dependent on good weather!
  • It’s easy to reach a significant number of people in a short timeframe.
  • The people you’re sampling to are somewhat captive – they’re at their workplace so you don’t have to find them and stop them and Gold Key Media can profile the Office to your brand.
  • Office Sampling has the potential to buy loyalty because it’s perceived that a brand has actively identified this audience and approached it – it takes effort and that is recognised by the consumer.

Add product sampling to your marketing mix with Gold Key Media bespoke campaign solutions.

Quotes from our venues

“I just wanted to let you know that the recent samples you supplied to our building were a great success, the majority of the sample were taken in a matter of hours and all of them were gone the following day. We would be interested to receive further samples going forward. As you know, we have a high number of tenants and visitors to the building meaning that the samples reach a wide and varied section of the general public”

Senior Building Manager

“Our stand was attacked by our staff soon after the samples were put out, so please let us have more when you can as they went down a storm”

Ian Richardson, Facilities Manager at Arcadia, London

“I was just emailing to say that the samples you delivered went down a treat with our tenants and they were gone so quickly. We would love to receive more samples.

Tony Wilson Place

“I popped down to the restaurant first thing this morning and every single sachet was gone so it’s fair to say they were very popular. I think this is a great added extra for the stands and word quickly spread that they had arrived, it’s a nice little treat for everyone. Thanks so much, ITV loved it!”

Sinead, Workplace Manager at ITV

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Benefits of Gold Key Media Magazine Distribution Services

  • Direct access to specific, targeted audiences for publishers and advertisers
  • Ensure an auditable circulation figure
  • Increases your brand exposure and awareness
  • Readers are targeted in a leisurely environment where they are more receptive to advertising messages
  • Sampling encourages new subscriptions and newsstand sale

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