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Creating bespoke magazine distribution solutions to reach your target audience

We supply newspapers and magazines in print and digital format to the business, leisure, travel, luxury and event industries across the world

Established in 2001, Gold Key Media has grown to be the world’s largest distributor of newspapers and magazines for hotels, offices and a wide variety of venues. Our targeted approach to magazine distribution helps to boost circulation whilst delivering publications to the right audience at the right time. We represent over 300 international publishers, distributing over 60 million newspaper and magazine copies per annum across a complete range of international venues and global events.

Publisher Services

Our specialist team creates bespoke newspaper and magazine distribution solutions for publishers. We use innovative methods to reach a highly targeted audience and increase magazine circulation and distribution through targeted media placement.

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Venue Services

Our dedicated team works closely with hotels and venues to create bespoke newspaper and magazine packages. Whether this is in large quantities or smaller volumes we will create the most cost effective option for the unique demands of each business.

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Gold Key Media – Targeted Media Placement and Magazine Circulation Specialists

We have worked continuously to develop a unique understanding of the needs of our clients, both publisher and venue, to ensure they receive the very best service for the targeted distribution of their publication, and that venues get the perfect mix of newspapers and magazines for their business.