Non Traditional Magazine Sales

Explore non-traditional sales route with the Gold Key Media team, and work with us to meet and exceed your sales target.

“A successful non-traditional strategy will often blend elements of paid-for and free, alongside free-to-paid conversation programmes”

Chris Horn, Managing Director

Sales – Venue

Since 2001, Gold Key Media have built established trading relationships with venues all over the world, from hotels, airlines, private medical facilities, spas and rail operators, and now acts as sole provider for many of these venues for their paid for newspapers and magazines.

Copy sales across our venues provide publishers with a healthy monthly circulation figure and a respectable ABC/BPA certificate, all managed on your behalf by the Gold Key Media Venue Team.

If you are looking to increase your in-venue sales figures, get in touch with a member of the Publisher team.
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Case Study

A client of ours, a lifestyle title, was looking to increase their sales across UK venue and approached the team for a strategy

Utilising the client’s promotional magazines, we rotated a set volume of copy across key hotels on a monthly basis, familiarising the venues and their customers with the brand. Between December 2015 – present, we have increased their venue sales by 150%, which is still growing today.

Sales – Subscription, Single Copy & Goody Bags

We have experience in creating and coordinating fantastic readers offers, from activities selling one or more magazines as part of a goody bag offer for consumers, to a subscription selling opportunity reaching out to new or lapsed readers.

We believe there is a science behind magazine sales, and through our knowledge and experience are able to provide an all-encompassing service – including ideation, production, logistics, staffing, management and execution.

Subs Selling

Womens and Mens Running @ Brighton Marathon Expo

Single Copy Sales

GQ @ Wimbledon

Goody Bag Sales

Elle and Cosmopolitan @ Clothes Show Live

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